Whoever shouts the loudest
is no longer the winner.

The Simple Truth

Sure, you can crank up the volume on a brand with enough money. The problem is that your audience isn’t craving a louder message (that may be why noise cancelling headphones were invented), but a valuable message worthy of their time and attention. At The Eastco Group we believe that revealing the simple human truth about our clients’ inherent value creates meaningful impact; not only in the marketplace but in the lives of people.

With this unique philosophy we’ve successfully stayed ahead of the curve in the wild cultural and technological upheavals that have shaped our new world. We continue to please our clients daily, with vigor, leveraging every opportunity to build a business, grow a brand and create new inroads to your audience. Our reputation is as detail junkies who execute on what we imagine together, and as digitally native problem solvers with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll in our blood.

Your public awaits.We pull back the curtain. Let’s chat about how The Eastco Group can communicate that special brand of brilliance you have to offer.

“We’ve assembled an amazing toolbox of communication disciplines to infuse value into everything your audience experiences.

A message that gives is a message that works.”

–Holt Vaughn,
The Eastco Group Founder and CEO

The Eastco Group…

The Eastco Group communicates your value to the world™ by providing integrated marketing communications that speak to every touch-point your customers demand. We create strong brand identity and tell your brand story with carefully crafted words and images, social media, apps, web, video, email, and traditional methods of print, events, and broadcast. Customers love our proven Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding Process.

We’ve been fortunate to win many awards for our communications and media work. Since 1985 The Eastco Group has completed countless multimedia & marketing communications projects for Fortune companies, small business, rock & pop stars, NY Times best-selling authors & leading not-for-profit organizations.

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What Makes Us Unique?

(able to serve you in ways others can’t)

1. Our proven Integrated Marketing Communications Process
2. Our turnkey services in our own world class facilities. From about $200.00 and a desk, we’ve grown to 12,000 square feet of highly designed creative space including offices, graphics/tech/design, production, café, even warehouse and fulfillment services… and our crown jewel, The Eastco Group’s California Road Studios, named by Mix magazine among the hottest new audio/video/multimedia studios in the world.
3. Our story: With deep history in multimedia, tech and marketing, for over two decades in the trenches with our clients, we’ve made successful business happen in the midst of constant change. The Eastco Group has completed thousands of creative tech, multimedia and marketing communications projects of all types for small business, Fortune companies, pop and rock stars, non-profits, and best-selling authors.
4. Since 1985 we’ve served customers from Denver, Dallas, San Diego, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Orlando, NYC, Nashville, Seattle, Hawaii and most of the U.S., winning multiple Telly, Communicator and other national awards for our work. Visit our portfolio and blog for a small sampling of client projects from around the U.S.

Give us a buzz, come take a tour. Many do, and often declare they don’t want to go home.

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