We Are Strategists

Let’s birth a new brand identity, or revitalize value in that old one, using our invigorating process-driven approach which our customers love. Like a finely tuned smoothie shop, we custom blend the freshest marketing ingredients into integrated multi-platform brand strategies that work and your audience will devour.

Branding and marketing communications that are inconsistent and betray your essence will dilute your ability to captivate the hearts and minds of your audience. Our finely-tuned Integrated Marketing Communications Process articulates a brand creating both focus to your internal energies and a meaningful response in your audience.

And we enjoy crafting Marketing Strategies and Campaigns with compelling narrative in every medium, across all channels, as you become a well-oiled story-telling machine consistently presenting a strong, unified message of value. One that produces results.

The Eastco Group Integrated Marketing Communications Process

Save yourself time, money and trouble. Choose a company that has a proven process, honed on the anvil of over two decades experience making business happen in ever-changing times. The Eastco Group's finely-tuned Integrated Marketing Communications Process sets us apart from others. It articulates brands creating both focus to your internal energies and a meaningful response in your audience.

The all-critical step of getting to know you and your industry. (Our clients find this part of the process so invigorating they often don’t want it to end!)
Defining a carefully crafted language to the brand through word and image.
Strategic campaign planning, communications network, marketing calendar, innovative problem solving, and Public Relations—all with a blended media approach
Phased creation and implementation of media and marketing communications components—production, digital design, events, social media management & SEO services.
Regularly review metrics and evaluate ROI, making adjustments where necessary, to optimize effectiveness.