Superhero-themed Marketing Video Gets Rave Reviews

07/01/2013 The Eastco Group

Super Hero Marketing Video A Big Hit!
We all love superheroes right? So when Caplugs sent out the signal to produce a superhero-themed video for their national sales convention The Eastco Group jumped to action.

Caplugs is a world-class plastic molder that manufactures premium protection products, and their annual convention draws the top brass and key sales personnel from around the globe. It’s a “super” critical moment to motivate the crew and lay out the marketing direction for the coming year. Much was dependent on the success of this video, entitled The Marketers.

The Eastco Group filmed both on location and at our studios, using creative scriptwriting, cinemetography and art direction to give the video a superhero movie feel. The footage was posted at Eastco’s California Road Studios and included special animation to look as if Caplugs was torn from the pages of a comic book. The video was a huge hit at the convention and had exactly the desired effect. Caplugs Sr. VP of Marketing (aka Captain Marketing) said the video stole the show and was lauded by the top executives as well as all the attendees.

Caplugs Sr. VP Steve Smith had come to one of our mobile app and marketing workshops. He knew the impact a well-produced video could have as opposed to the standard presentation. Since then, it’s been our privilege to work with Caplugs on several important super secret missions!

“Despite having worked with many marketing agencies and production organizations, the Eastco Group was new to me. I was invited to their workshop and was glad I went. I was impressed with the format and the information was useful. Since then, they’ve done some great marketing communications work for us.”

Steven A. Smith
Senior Vice President, Marketing & New Product Development
Caplugs/Protective Industries

Video is a must for your marketing efforts

  • Themed videos are a POWERFUL way to motivate and SELL your ideas and products! And they often have big potential to GO VIRAL!
  • 87% of online marketers are now using video, and studies show that 55% of people who view a video will visit that company’s website. And leading more people to your site results in more sales! In today’s video-driven market, you must have compelling and creative video to GET NOTICED.
  • The Eastco Group has created MANY AWARD WINNING VIDEOS. We can help you create an imaginative and effective video that fits with your brand and your company’s goals. Trade shows, sales conferences, web videos, and more; From brainstorming to scripting to post, we can help you do it all. A smart and strong video presence can bring in new customers, and re-engage the old!
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