NYSSCA and Using Print in the Digital Age

07/29/2013 The Eastco Group

Should you still be using print in the digital age?

The New York State School Counselor Association (NYSSCA) is an organization with a vision to provide superior counselor care to New York students statewide. Twice a year, NYSCCA successfully publishes a journal to distribute scholarly research in the field and share communications among colleagues. Well-targeted print pieces are alive and well! NYSSCA came to The Eastco Group to design this publication. We created the journal’s layout, printed it to their specifications and fulfilled the mailing to their partners and subscribers. All this adds up to making things easy on the client, and an effective print piece.

Why Print Still Matters

  • Print is not dead; it is evolving. Print allows your audience to engage the medium at their own pace, and can have a longer shelf life than digital media. That means repeat reads and re-engagement with your material. Including QR codes in your publications can bridge the gap between print and digital.
  • The Eastco Group can help you create beautiful and compelling print materials that engage your customers time and time again. We’ll also help you distribute it to your subscribers, adding another marketing tool to your existing efforts. Print can be a great part of your marketing mix, bringing your company more active customer engagement!
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